A little about me

Ready 4 Fitness Personal Training

My name is Lauren and I am a solo mum of 2 boys, a certified personal trainer and primary teacher. I have always been passionate about fitness and always been an empathetic person. I understand how different we all are and how we should embrace it.

I have worked in various jobs relating to coaching that have contributed to my passion for helping others and becoming a personal trainer. I have been a qualified personal trainer for over 15 years.

I started up my home gym personal training business 2 years ago, but I also have previous personal training from when I worked at Fitness First and VIP Fitness. The difference now is I have learnt so much since then and I can now do things my way! I love learning and I believe in doing what makes you feel happy.

I am here to motivate others to feel better in their mind and body. I train all ages and levels of ability. I also encourage mums and dads to workout with their children.

If you need accountability, you have come to the right place. I run group zoom/home gym sessions where we can connect, you will be shown the correct technique and the exercises can be modified for each individual.

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